The Solopreneur's Ultimate Planning Pack

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The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Planning Pack merges a combination of Kelli Koladish’s planning tools, advice, and action steps.

Because you don’t have to be frazzled, burnout or desperate 😭 to successfully run and grow your freelance or solo business.

In short, go from frantic to confident without losing your mind.

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Did you know?
There are more than 1 billion (with a B) freelancers in the world.And 52% of the U.S. adult workforce is expected to work in freelance or have otherwise worked as an independent contributor over the next few years.About 75% of them would like to make that permanent.

The only problem is the level of success often ends up being the determining factor in whether you go back to a traditional, in-house job or not.

Kelli Koladish is driven to help as many solopreneurs and freelancers succeed as possible.

So what makes success possible?

A Solid Plan.

While experience is often the best teacher, going all in without any plan or direction rarely works...
. . . and you shouldn’t have to be frazzled, burnout, or desperate to successfully run and grow a freelance or solo business.

NOT Another Basic Planner!

You can find basic planners and scheduling tools all over the place.

They’re all mostly the same.

Want to create a social media marketing plan? Just google it and you’ll find too many results to count!

But nobody has created a full planning pack, created specifically for freelancers and solopreneurs (not bigger businesses) that guides your planning and helps your marketing efforts to get the maximum business results.

Until now.

The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Planning Pack fills the gaps in all the other planners out there and it is tailored specifically for freelancers and solopreneurs.

“So what makes Kelli an authority on freelance success”

Kelli Koladish

Kelli Koladish is an award-winning designer and marketing specialist. Before becoming known as The Growth Catalyst™, where her mission is to help solopreneurs and freelancers grow, she spent well over a decade in the design and marketing arena working with businesses to build effective marketing strategies that were also beautifully designed.

Not only as her expertise but as a solopreneur herself, she understands the struggles and barriers that we all inevitably face in our businesses. And she believes, you CAN get past them, and achieve the GROWTH you truly desire!

The Solopreneur's Ultimate Planning Pack includes:

The Solopreneur’s Goal Setting Workbook wherein you create a plan for staying focused, productive, and successful in the coming year.The Solopreneur’s Ideal Client Worksheet wherein you learn to increase your conversions by clearly defining your ideal clients.The Solopreneur’s Client Onboarding Workflow wherein you create a process to follow and complete when you land each new client.The Solopreneur’s Content Marketing Master Plan wherein you learn to enhance your audience’s experience by providing value through your content.The Solopreneur’s Pitching Checklist wherein you construct a to-do list for guest blogging or podcast pitching that enhances your chance of success!The Solopreneur’s Social Media Game Plan wherein you create a plan for being intentional and strategic with your social media marketing + the Bonus “30 days of ideas.”

If you’re a freelancer or solopreneur who could use a little help getting organized...

And if you want to have freelance success without feeling frazzled . . .

Then The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Planning Pack is an easy purchase.

Plan for growth and success — grab The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Planning Pack right now.

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The Solopreneur's Ultimate Planning Pack includes:

Ideal Client Worksheet
Content Marketing Master Plan
Social Media Game Plan
Pitching Checklist
Client Onboarding Workflow
Goal Setting Workbook
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The Solopreneur's Ultimate Planning Pack

6 ratings
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